UK National Lottery operator Camelot has changed its message to Mac gamblers to: "It could be you."

Until today, Mac users trying to access the National Lottery's Web site using the most common Mac browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, and Netscape) were greeted by this error message: "Incompatible operating system."

The site was formerly only available to surfers using some variant of Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

The National Lottery Web site offers a range of online gambling services for surfers hoping to get rich quick.

A spokesperson for Camelot told Macworld Tuesday: "We are aware that Mac users are having problems with the Web site. We are working on the problem and should see it fixed by tomorrow morning."

Since then the site has been updated, and is accessible to users of all the popular Mac browsers.

Access is limited, however - users are unable to register for the site's online lottery features, due to its 128-bit encryption technology.

Perhaps Camelot's message to Mac users has been refined to one of: "It could almost be you".