Apple is reaching out to games developers with a special event next month, the Mac OS X Games Summit.

The developer-only event is scheduled to run at Apple's Cupertino HQ from February 2-6, and is split into two tracks: Mac OS X Games Tech Talk, and the Games Technology and Performance Workshop.

Apple said: "This summit is a games-focused week of information exchange between Apple and the game development community. Our goal is to expand awareness of Mac OS X as a gaming platform, arm you with the latest information about the Mac gaming market, and give you technical guidance on how to enhance the Macintosh gaming experience."

The Games Tech Talk track is to help developers acquire a better understanding of the direction of gaming on OS X. It's aimed at publishers, studio chiefs and technology decision-makers.

The Games Technology and Performance Workshop is a hands-on series of sessions for developers and others interested in moving titles to OS X. The sessions seek to "promote best practice" in games development. Topics covered will include: Apple's Xcode development environment, its performance optimization tools and techniques to modernize game engines and porting libraries.