Games developer, United Developers, has put out an appeal for beta-testers for four games being ported to the Mac - Majesty, Sin, Wages of Sin and Fighter Squadron.

Majesty, described as an "innovative strategy-game", is nearing completion. Originally released for Windows, the game received critical acclaim.

Sinful Sin is set for release before Christmas 2000, and has reached beta testing. Wages of Sin, an add-on mission pack, is ready to run, and could be released around the same time. Fighter Squadron, a WWII flight-combat simulation is expected to reach beta soon.

The company is appealing for beta testers for the titles, including Sin - both for the game and its mission pack. The beta will run on any G3 Mac. Testers are also needed for Majesty.

Skills United Developers says: "The ideal tester will possess good writing skills, as well as a love of gaming. A high-speed connection to the Internet is also necessary, as is a Mac. Beta testers will get a copy of the final product.

"Mac gamers interested in testing are encouraged to write a few paragraphs explaining why they would like to be a tester, and basic information on the computer hardware they’ll be using."