Working musicians have been invited to beta test software that's been used by the likes of Snow Patrol, Doves and the Chemical Brothers.

Developer and Mac and keyboard guru Paul Eastman used the software when working with Snow Patrol. He told Macworld: "I'm currently embarking on a beta test of a new OS X Application for performing musicians."

The software is called OnStage. It automates the process of closing and opening new Logic Pro projects in between songs, a process which saves valuable time - and stress - when performing live.

Last year when working with another band, Doves, Eastman used two duplicate G4 Macs, with a unique set of samplers and other virtual instruments for each number in the band's set-list. Moving between songs required the band close and open a new Logic Pro Project for each song.

"Closing and opening each Project on both the main and backup G4 would take valuable seconds between songs, so we had a look at trying to automate the process," Eastman explains.

Eastman built the application in Cocoa. It's essentially an AppleScript that's triggered by a Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Program Change message sent from any standard Midi hardware. OnStage runs seamlessly beside Logic Pro to transform the music creation software into a live performance tool.

"Our little application is quite simple, but it has allowed us to use multi-track playback and virtual instruments within Logic Pro for Snow Patrol's stage performance this year," Eastman explained.

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