Westlake Interactive has revealed that both Halo: Combat Evolved and Age of Mythology have reached beta status.

This means all game features are running and the code has been ported to the Mac, explains MacCentral.

Halo: Combat Evolved is a futuristic first-person RPG with multiplayer capabilities. Game development began on the Mac at Bungie Studios, but the title was initially released for Microsoft's Xbox console, following the company's buy-out of Bungie. It was released for Windows last month, and should ship soon for Mac.

The title casts players as a solitary cyborg warrior, trying to distract a hostile alien species from its aim of destroying all humanity. The Mac port offers higher resolution graphics and much-improved multiplayer capabilities, MacCentral reports. The game will be released by MacSoft.

Also from MacSoft, Age of Mythology is a sequel to popular RTS strategy title, Age of Empires. Players control one of nine ancient cultures in a struggle to dominate their times.