Interarchy 3.8, the new version of the Anarchie Internet tools, is available for download.

On its original release almost a decade ago, Anarchie gave Macintosh users the first reliable, integrated way to seek and retrieve files from the Internet.

FTP transfer Its descendant, Interarchy 3.8, is a small application with 30 Internet functions and a customizable interface. It offers FTP and HTTP file-transfer, search facilities, the capacity to display information about remote servers, and the ability to control and test a Macintosh across the Internet. All these functions can be accessed via the menus, or through a new construct and exchange user-interface technology called "wands".

The wands can be designed and customized to provide short cuts to many functions, and can be exchanged with other Interarchy users.

Remote computers can be probed and tested with standard Internet Protocol operations, to get information about the reliability of its Internet connection and location. The application will also deliver statistical information about an Internet connection, and delivers logs of Internet traffic going through a machine.

Sherlock test Interarchy can make use of Sherlock-compatible Internet Search sites. This feature can be extended so Interarchy can test Sherlock plug-ins. Users can manage and test remote servers on almost any platform across the Internet using standard protocols.

Interarchy’s FTP abilities can be integrated within standard Web browsers. The manufacturers claim the inherent file transfer abilities of Interarchy exceed those built-in to Explorer or Navigator.

The 1.2MB application is Apple scriptable. A free trial download is available. The full program costs $50.