Apple systems accounted for 7.57 per cent of internet traffic last month, new figures reveal.

Net Applications' operating system statistics for January 2008 reveal that Macs accounted for their highest-ever share of internet traffic across the research firm's network of tracked websites that month.

The statistics also showed that users accessing the internet with an iPhone accounted for 0.13 per cent of traffic, up from 0.12 per cent in December. The iPod touch also showed up in the latest data, accounting for 0.04 per cent of internet traffic.

The combined share of iPod touch and iPhone users comes to 0.17 per cent, reports Mac Daily News. That compares to 0.06 per cent of internet traffic which emanates from Windows Mobile equipped systems, a figure which has remained flat since June 2007.

The data indicates that Apple's strategy to attempt to reposition the iPod as a wireless-equipped mobile platform is off to a strong start.

The statistics also reveal that people have been accessing the internet with an iPhone from countries worldwide, offering some suggestion as to the fate of Apple's unlocked phones. iPhones have been see in use in Equatorial Guinea, the Maldives, Brunei, Cameroon, Ugada, Libya, Vietnam and many other places in which the device isn't sold.

Noting this, Net Applications writes: "We've heard the rumours that many iPhones are being used outside the officially sanctioned countries. So, we decided to check it out and surprise, surprise, it's true. The iPhone has a presence in almost every country on earth."