Shooting for iBrotha – a short film about a man obsessed with Macs – has just finished in London.

The film shows how the man's obsession leads him to fight against computer prejudice, turning him into a Malcolm X-styled revolutionary. It stars Neil Rayment who is in Reloaded, the sequel to the film, The Matrix.

Describing himself as a "recovering Mac addict", writer and director Jake Barnes said the film is "about the religious fervour that grabs Mac users the way it doesn't with users of other platforms".

iBrotha features a multicultural cast of characters, including Brother Ive, named after Apple's lead designer, Jonathan Ive, and Brother Newton – named after Apple's discontinued handheld computer.

The film also stars an early Macintosh, the 512K. Barnes said the movie explores the passion Macs inspire, but also shows how obsessive that passion can become: "I love Macs, but this film is about real fanatics."

The film runs for ten minutes.