Apple's marketshare continues to climb, up 34.6 per cent, year on year, new statistics reveal.

According to Net Applications' latest research figures (for October) for platforms used when accessing the web, Mac usage has climbed a phenomenal 52.8 per cent since January 2005.

Macs accounted for a total of 5.21 per cent of the web usage market in October. What makes the statistic even more interesting is that Intel Macs accounted for 1.12 per cent of that figure, implying that around one-in-five Macs used online are now Intel-based.

In September, all breeds of Mac accounted for 4.72 per cent of the market, with Intel Macs accounting for 0.84 per cent of that.

In January, Intel Macs had no presence whatsoever online, the researchers claim.

Safari now holds 3.93 per cent of the browser market, Firefox 12.96 per cent and Internet Explorer retains a sliding 81.18 per cent.

These statistics were first gathered and analysed by the Switch To A Mac website.