Alias|Wavefront will port Maya to the Mac in September, the company has revealed.

Alias|Wavefront's manager of global public relations, Donna Teggart, said: "Alias|Wavefront is committed to delivering Maya on the Mac is September."

She insisted that the departure of director of Maya technologies, Richard Kerris, will not delay the port of Maya to the Mac. Teggart went on to reveal that Kerris had been a victim of the softening economy.

"Alias|Wavefront is a growing and profitable company. Like many other high-tech companies who have announced layoffs and downsizing in this current state of economic uncertainty, we've had to make minor adjustments to continue to ensure we remain profitable."

Maya is the industry-leading 3D application, used to build characters and environments for games and is widely used in the film and video industries. The illustration above is a sample character rendered in Maya.

A number of industry analysts believe Alias|Wavefront will take pre-orders before Maya for Mac ships in September. Others expect it to appear at next month's Macworld Expo in New York.