Apple's Mac mini has galvanized curious Windows users into testing the Mac platform, confirms The Detroit News this morning.

"The Mac Mini, Apple's little computer that could, has created a plethora of switchers and wannabe-switchers," writes Tom Gromak in the publication's technology column.

As hard evidence to his opinion, he cites a flurry of readers letters he has received since the product's launch in January. One reader tells him that "I'll never go back to a PC".

Another reader - the reporter's "Dell-equipped cousin", told him: "You talked me into an iPod, and now you done talked me into a Mac Mini. Thanks!"

Gromak observes that the "hundreds" of letters he received all had a theme, a "sense of community" - a community he likened to that which grew around the early Internet.

Many of the messages he received offered hints, tips and advice for new PC to Mac "switchers", and his piece continues to share some of these, including a link to switchers Web site, Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard and

Other advice directs new users toward free word processors, sources of cheap software and memory. The piece also doffs its hat to Apple's iLife suite, saying: "There is nothing on the PC like the iLife suite, period. The individual programs are completely integrated with each other in a way that doesn't exist on the PC."

"Explore what you've already got," he advises.