Reports are claiming that the Mac mini could be the first Mac to be produced in the US. 

DigiTimes claims that Apple will put Foxconn in charge of the new automated production lines in the country. 

According to DigiTimes Foxconn already has 15 operating bases in the US and will start recruiting workers for new automated production lines in 2013. 

Previous rumours suggested that the first North America-built Mac could be the Mac Pro

In early December Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple intended to invest $100 million so that it can bring some of its Mac production back to the US. 

Apple’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn has also confirmed that it will be expanding its operations in North America

Some of Apple’s iMacs were labeled as assembled in the USA, although it is thought that these were build-to-order models. 

Foxconn has come under fire for conditions at its factories in China, although a recent New York Time report claims that conditions are getting better at the factories. Other reports, such as this one from Forbes, suggest that there is less competition for jobs now. Last January a New York Times article appeared alleging worker mistreatment and neglect at Chinese factories that assemble the company's iPhones, iPads, and other devices. In a note to staff, Cook wrote that issue with working conditions is cause for concern. 


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