Apple's Mac mini shows Apple's talent for developing, "elegant systems in a small form factor", says iSuppli.

iSuppli has dissected a Mac mini, which it says boasts a "cutting-edge design", according to DigiTimes.

While it uses tricks beloved of PC makers in their attempts to make portable devices, including external power enclosures and integrated components, the Mac mini is streets ahead.

"In general, the Mac mini's high level of integration makes it one of the most cutting-edge systems iSuppli has ever dissected," the company said.

This particular dissection finds nothing but praise for the product, which: "Evokes other Apple products that have set the standard for industrial design, including the iPod music player and the original Mac."

Apple's affordable entry-level Mac's "clean, simple look" stands apart from the, "cumbersome and unattractive PC boxes on the market today, providing an alluring alternative to Microsoft Windows-based systems", iSuppli explained.

The dissection indicates these Macs to have been manufactured by Foxconn and to have cost Apple around $283.37, excluding shipping, logistics, marketing and software development expenses.