Texas based Pure Static is offering to colocate Mac minis into a rack that will be housed in its Data Foundry facility in Austin Texas – an ex-bank vault, manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a group of dedicated network engineers.

The company describes the Mac mini as: "The first product in a long time to make us really excited. The fun is back!"

Unlike in a dedicated environment where the server is owned by the web hosting company, Colocation services either build a server and connect it to the Internet on behalf of a company, or allow a company to connect a server that they own to the Internet via their facility.

By housing the macminicolo in its Texas facility, Pure Static is able to offer "both physical and network security, combined with ready accessibility". The facility is manned by individuals who monitor the condition of the networks, the AC, physical plant, and even the local weather and news; watching for events which could disrupt service.

The Pure Static colocation service provides high speed Internet connections, remote control, remote monitoring and "remote human hands". The company states that: "In case of hardware failure we will repair the units." It offers a replacement service should the mini needs to be pulled from service.

The company notes that it is not attempting to cluster mini's into a mini super computer.