Apple's Mac mini is a "powerful and good looking" machine, according to UK consumer title, Computing Which?.

The magazine took a look at the new affordable G4 Mac, and while the complexity of upgrading the machine and its relatively low power as a games machine are seen as negative points, the positive elements of the product are noted too.

"What you are getting in the Mac mini is a powerful machine that, lets face it, is darn good-looking, not to mention extremely reasonably priced for a Mac," Which? says.

Mac OS X is termed, "stable and easy to use", while iLife 05 is described as "excellant". The Mac platforms historical resistance to viruses and malware is also cited as an advantage.

"Overall, if you're ready to dip your toe into Mac waters and don't need a high spec or regular upgrades, the Mac mini may be the machine for you," the report explains.