Mac minis are being used as affordable and robust control units for live event lighting equipment.

Main Light Industries is using Mac minis driving High End Systems' Catalyst software to control its visually-impressive SoftLED drapes. These are used by theatrical, live music, corporate and trade events.

The effect combines tri-colour LED technology with a high-quality black fabric drop. It allows for an unlimited number of shapes, patterns, colours, and complex light shows using that backdrop. The drop contains a grid of LED nodes which each contain an individually-controllable red, green, and blue diode.

Company CEO Aidas Gimbutas said: "We package Catalyst Xpress with the new Apple Macminis and install them into our video processor racks or our independent Main-Light server systems."

Main Light's SoftLED curtain was one of Entertainment Design magazine's 2005 Staging & Projection Products of the Year,