Macmedia has released LogoSender 1.0.8, an application for sending graphics and text messages from a Mac using a mobile phone.

LogoSender 1.0.8 can send graphics only to Nokia mobiles, but text to any make of mobile. Features include the ability to send logos, picture SMS (Short Message Service) messages and text SMS messages.

The application supports logos up to 78-x-21-pixels. LogoSender also offers a simple graphic editor and can import a picture from a file or a phonebook from a phone.

In order to use the application, a user must have a compatible Nokia phone (models supported include: 71xx, 62xx, 63xx, 82xx, 83xx, 88xx). This must be connected to the Mac, using either a PowerBook infrared port and IrDA-supporting mobile, or a compatible USB or serial port connection, such as Keyspan's High Speed USB Serial Adaptor.

The unregistered version limits text messages to just ten characters, and every logo or picture SMS has a “demo” label in the top-left corner. The application costs $15.