A US computer specialist has written nine folk songs inspired by the Mac.

John Swerdan a computer specialist from Burton Valley Elementary School, California used his Mac as a muse for an album called StartupSounds.

Songs include Startup/Hard Drive, Neutron Bombed-Out Zone, Quickdraw Bill, E-Centric, Poor Sad Mac, Running Out of the Past, Cyber-Lies, Keep Up with the Times and Acronymity 1.01.

The lyrics to Poor Sad Mac reminisce: "Poor sad Mac, born in a plastic age. A time when the world still thought in beige." A CD of the songs is available from his Web site priced at $15.99. He has yet to sell a copy according to Wired News.

Swerdan said: "I've been collecting strange LPs for several years. Things like William Shatner "singing", dog-training LPs, records by hypnotists, taxi drivers and folk songs about outer space. I thought it would be fun to throw together a collection of folk songs about the Mac."