An online MP3 organizer for the Mac has been released.

Andromeda v1.9.1 transforms MP3 collections and other music files into a streaming Web site. Andromeda - available only for Mac OS X - can also be used as a personal jukebox over local networks and over the Internet. It browses music collections, and plays a full album or folder with a click. The latest features of this version are not noted.

Andromeda allows music to be stored on a Mac, but played from any computer if attached to a network. A Remote Playback feature allows a collection to be played over the Internet. Bandwidth permitting, it's possible to play music saved on a home computer while at work.

Web sites hosted by ISPs can upload Andromeda if their servers can process ASP scripts (Windows servers) or PHP scripts (UNIX servers).

Andromeda supports a number of audio and video audio and video file types. Audio files include mp3, wma, wav, aif, aiff, au, ogg, ra, mid and midi.

Video functionality includes support for .mpeg, .mpe, .asf, .avi, .wmv, .vob, .rv, .rm, .mov and .qt file formats.

The look of the Web application can be customized, with skins available for downloaded. It also supports 27 languages including English.

Andromeda is shareware. An official demo page is available.