Stanford University will open an online museum, featuring a "Making the Macintosh" exhibit on Tuesday.

The exhibit covers the early development of the Apple Macintosh, and will be posted on the Stanford University Web site.

The site says the Mac exhibit is to be an ongoing, evolving project. The online exhibit will include a section on the earliest Macintosh, with a special focus on the contribution of Jef Raskin - who was the first manager of the Macintosh project.

Making the mouse Other promised sections will show the development of the Apple mouse, Apple’s contribution to the development of technical writing and software evangelism, its revolutionary approach to advertising and marketing, and the establishment of user groups.

The site says: "Technologies aren't just physical objects - they have social, cultural, and symbolic lives that have to be understood to make sense of their history. The history of a popular technology like the Mac has to include the perspectives of its designers; the people who write about it; its early users; and creators of supporting technology, such as software and peripherals."

Sourced The exhibit will make source material available to visitors to the site. Materials have been gathered from Stanford University’s own Apple Collection, the Jeff Raskin papers, designers’ drawings and blueprints, and interviews with developers, writers, programmers and engineers involved in the early Apple project.

Stanford University praises the Macintosh because it "stands at a cusp in the history of computing and Silicon Valley".