Apple's move to Intel processors could pay off, with a deluge of music creation software now potentially ready to come to Macs.

A report on leading Mac and music website Create Digital Music explains the scenario. It refers to Pace Anti-Piracy's recent release of a Universal version of InterLok 5.4 for Mac.

InterLok is a copy protection system that is used by Digidesign, Mark of the Unicorn, Waves and Dolby Labs, for example.

The system ensures only legitimate copies of software get used and can control software updates and the like. It's a combined software/hardware hybrid which uses a USB dongle as part of the authorisation process.

InterLok is already available for Mac OS X 10.4, but news that the copy protection system will now work correctly on Intel processors is a boon to musicians - it suggests that Intel-native versions of the music-creation applications they use cannot be too far behind.

Author Peter Kirn explains: "If you've been waiting for music software to go Intel-native on Mac, one major hurdle was just cleared."

"I think you'll see most music software on Intel Macs within the next few months," he adds.