Blizzard Entertainment will release WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos in the UK on June 28.

The game will be released simultaneously for Mac and PC. WarCraft III is best described as a god game with strong strategic and tactical elements.

Blizzard is previewing the game from tomorrow at the E3 Expo, the giant US games event

Beware Orcs The action is set fifteen years after the end of the war between Orcs and humans, during a period of uneasy peace. As humanity returns to complacency, the Orcs begin to re-group under a new and powerful leader. The Orcish Burning Legion marches to conquer the world of Azeroth, with occasional help from the undead forces. Elves, Dwarves, and humans must band together to defeat the forces of evil, once again. Players can become any of four unique races, each with distinctive powers.

The playing environment is vastly improved on previous versions, offering fully rendered 3D graphics with support for multiple resolutions and customizable settings. The game features scrolling and zoom views, different difficulty sessions, adjustable play speeds, and game recording.

Warcraft III places players inside a dynamic and detailed 3D world. Monsters roam a landscape populated with towns, strongholds, and temples, while environmental effects bring the world to life.

New features include: the chance to build legendary heroes, who can advance in levels and learn new spells; special items and equipment; two new races; and the appearance of Neutral units and buildings. The title also supports full multiplayer gaming using Battle.Net. The game also includes a world editor so players can create their own maps.

Release Apple CEO Steve Jobs previewed WarCraft III during his keynote speech at Macworld Expo, New York last year. At that time, Blizzard Entertainment’s CEO, Frank Pearce, promised the simultaneous release on Windows and Mac OS X: “Mac gaming has never been as interesting as it is today,” he affirmed.

UK distributor, Softline (01883 745111), is running a special promotion for customers pre-ordering the game they receive a free copy of WarCraft II: BattleNet, the previous release in the successful games series. WarCraft III supports Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X (natively). It requires a 400Mhz G3 or better, 128MB RAM, a 16MB ATI or Nvidia graphics card, 700MB hard drive space. It costs £39.99 (inc VAT).