Apple has released a fix for a bug that causes a loss of hard-drive space under Mac OS 9.

The problem stems from an invisible folder called Temporary Items, which is used by applications needing space on a disk for temporary files. Word processors use these to record changes in documents, so earlier versions of the same document can be referred to. Many graphics applications have a similar function. These files are usually deleted when an application quits. When applications freeze and the Mac needs restarting, older Mac operating systems would gather these files and place them in a Rescued Items folder in the Trash.

Mac OS 9 isn’t doing this. As a result, files can accumulate, particularly for power-users dealing with large graphics files. So you end up with a bloated, but invisible, Temporary Items folder and a distressing absence of hard drive space.

Apple has posted an Apple script you can run on start-up to solve this. It can be downloaded from the Tech Info Library on the Apple Web site.