Apple has released a 10.2.6 update for Mac OS X that's available via Software Update or as a download from Apple's support site.

Two versions of the update are available: one takes OS X 10.2.5 to 10.2.6, while the Combo update is for updating any OS X 10.2 installation to 10.2.6.

Apple says the update "delivers enhanced functionality and reliability for Address Book, Graphics, printing, OpenGL and PC card and USB-hub compatibility".

It also addresses an issue in OS X 10.2.5, in which a kernel-panic message appears if certain USB hubs or devices are connected. It improves printing compatibility for PostScript OpenType fonts, as well as compatibility for Maya Auto Paint and Paint Effects features.

Also addressed is a 10.2.5 issue in which English is the default language and Asian-language scripts are not available in the International preference pane if a script's font is unavailable.

Additionally, it improves compatibility for MacSoft Unreal Tournament 2003 on computers with GeForce 2MX and GeForce4MX graphic-accelerator chipsets, while Address Book now supports the Sony Ericsson T610 phone.