E-commerce solutions developer Imacination Software is offering its comprehensive e-commerce solution to commercial Apple software vendors – with support from Apple, which is hosting information about the deal on the developer's area of its Web site.

Under the deal, Imacination is offering Apple developers one of three specially priced Mac OS X-compatible e-commerce solutions for selling and delivering files and applications securely over the Internet.

The company is offering discounts to Apple Developer Connection (ADC) members: 25 per cent for ADC Premier members, and 15 per cent for ADC Select members. Standard pricing begins at $745 for the electronic download version of Ch-Ching 3.1, an e-commerce application for small business.

Allon Bendavid, Imacination’s Software president, said: “During this economic climate, it’s critically important to have maximum influence in the distribution channel from production all the way to sales. Companies that seem to have been hurt by the soft market are those that didn’t have any direct sales channel, and who have been isolated from their customers as they favour alternative solutions.”

More information is available online.