Mac OS X is gaining ground online, according to the latest web monitoring figures for December.

The latest figures show that combined totals for Mac OS (4.15 per cent) and Intel (1.52 per cent) systems now account for 5.67 per cent of the operating system market share for December 2006.

The report, from research company, Net Applications, also confirms a slight upsurge in Windows XP usage online – XP system use clearly dwarfs that of the Mac, with 85.3 per cent.

In related news, Safari usage remained relatively flat across most of 2006. At the beginning of 2006, the browser was used by 3 per cent of surfers, and by September usage had risen slightly, closing out the end of the year with 3.24 per cent of use.

Net Applications uses a range of proprietary software and techniques to estimate Web traffic and browser usage.