Apple has introduced a new benefit for .Mac users - exclusive access to a detailed Getting Started with Mac OS X 10.2 guide.

This is a collection of 80 online learning modules covering the basics of using the operating system. The guide is intended for both those already using OS X, and beginners.

The modules consist of QuickTime movies with practical advice and tips. Users can view topics in whatever order suits their needs.

Apple has also released some handy advice on the uses of the Sites folder on iDisk. "It means any HTML page you drop on it immediately appears on the Web, with an address," says Apple. The company also advises .Mac members on how to publish a group of linked pages built in an HTML editor with an Index page.

Apple has added a Mini-Month column in the day, week and month views of iCal calendars published using .Mac. This enhancement has been automatically applied to existing published calendars.