Macintosh consultancy firm Iscentia and Mac enterprise computing experts systeMac are teaming up to deliver Mac OS X migration services for UK Mac users.

Project-management solution boxIT allows a company to install Mac OS – including OS X 10.2 – and applications across an entire network of Macs.

Iscentia and systeMac claim boxIT is two to three times faster than Disk Copy or Apple's Network Install, and doesn't require a previous installation of Mac OS X.

Both companies claim this is the first time enterprise-level functionality has been made available to the Mac market.

It's time Stuart Wilkes, Iscentia managing director, said: "We have been recently polling the professional UK Mac market to determine its plans for Mac OS X adoption. One of the key factors is time: they don’t have enough of it to successfully transition, no matter how great the benefits of this new OS.

"When we first saw systeMac's boxIT we were simply amazed with its level of functionality, its 100 per cent consistent results and its ability to deploy Mac OS X across dozens of Macs in hours rather than days. We knew we had to bring this world class technology to the UK."

Through an agreement with systeMacs, Iscentia will sell boxIT in all its multi-user licence configurations. Iscentia is the first international reseller of boxIT, which previously was sold only in the US.

Ken Easterby, systeMacs founder and president, said: "We’re very pleased that boxIT will now be widely available in the UK. The signing of this agreement is an important step towards boxIT gaining global recognition."

Wilkes will be debuting boxIT to attendees of the Macworld Mac OS X seminar.

boxIT is available immediately through Iscentia and systeMac's Web site at a starting price of £763 for a five-user licence, increasing to £5,640 for the 100-user licence (prices are inclusive of VAT).