Mac OS X (10.0) will be missing some essential features, but Apple promises to ship these over the next few weeks.

During a pre-release press conference in Cupertino last night, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the company would release an update to add CD-burning capability to the next-generation OS, with a patch to add DVD playback promised “this spring”.

Excusing Apple for the omission of these features, Jobs said that a few months ago the company faced a choice in how to use its engineering resources - to add CD-burning support to the OS, or to implement third-party CD-authoring support into Mac OS 9.1.

Apple is making a major commitment with OS X said the company, it intends using the new operating system for the next 15 years.

Improvements required Apple took the decision to release Mac OS X in its present form in order to gather more user feedback and to improve it as necessary. Jobs described this as the "viable" path.

As it stands, the operating system doesn't yet support Apple's own Final Cut Pro 2 digital video-editing application, nor does it offer built-in support for Nvidia's new GeForce graphics accelerator, reports claim. CD-authoring and DVD support are promised as updates in the coming weeks.

Despite these omissions, Apple promises regular updates to the OS.

Jobs dismissed online reports that claimed the development team for the Power Mac G4 Cube has been disbanded. Separate from the event, Apple PR Lynn Fox dismissed this claim as "rumour".