Apple has published a set of Mac OS 10.4 Tiger guides for developers.

The guides can be found at the Apple Developers Connection with a whole heap of resources. The Tiger guides include: Getting Going with Tiger: Guide to ADC Resources, which states that over a hundred new items have been added to the ADC Reference Library, including brand-new Tiger documentation, systems administrator's guides, and updated sample code.

Exploring Tiger Server highlights some of the new technologies in Tiger Server and demonstrates what they mean for developers, it also introduces features such as Xgrid.

For those wanting to make the more of Apple's new Automator technology, Tiger Early Adopter: Bare Bones Embraces Automator describes how Automator Actions are supported in the new version of BBEdit.

BBEdit version 8.2 adds a suite of BBEdit Actions to the Automator library of Actions, including adding or deleting line numbers, changing case, concatenating words, converting tabs to spaces, searching and replacing, straightening quotes, and zapping gremlins, says Apple.