The "fertilising effect" of the iPod combined with Mac OS X Tiger's "technical superiority" could enable Apple to "rule the non-tech innovator jungle for more than a year", according to a financial commentator.

"The iPod has made Apple a desirable brand, way beyond its traditional customer groups. This in itself isn't enough to sell more computers," writes CEO of Yeald Marcel van Leeuwen. The Tiger operating system, on-the-other-hand makes the Mac "a much stronger alternative to Windows PCs," he says.

Leeuwen suggest that Apple is poised to take an important customer from Microsoft - "the non-tech innovators".

He writes that Apple has a strong offer for this group of "computer users that love to have the newest, best, geeky stuff, but work in non-programming jobs."

"In the absence of Longhorn, Tiger will be able to attract more first time Apple computer buyers than ever before," Leeuwen predicts, suggesting that Tiger will "rule the non-tech innovator jungle" until the end of 2006.