A Mac-compatible software player for Sony's LocationFree system is being developed by Tokyo-based Kaga Electronics and should ship soon, the company said.

Kaga Electronics, which sells products under the Taxan brand-name, has licensed LocationFree technology from Sony and plans to unveil its first software player in mid-May, said company spokesman, Atsuhiro Takizawa. The player will be available internationally, he promised.

LocationFree is a Sony-developed technology platform that streams a live video signal from a base station to a hardware or software client. It's often used to watch satellite or cable television broadcasts using a mobile device when away from home. Users can even access their living room video devices as long as there is a broadband connection between the base station and client.

Earlier this year Sony licensed the technology to Japan's Access Co with a view to developing players for mobile phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants). The deal with Kaga Electronics fills the Mac gap in the market.

Sony said it will increase licensing of LocationFree in the future to expand the range of compatible products.