Over a fifth (22 per cent) of .Mac users polled by Macworld Online plan to let their subscription lapse because the service is “too expensive", while another 21 per cent of subscribers are “undecided” about whether to renew.

In favour However, 57 per cent of the .Mac subscribers say .Mac is “worth the cash”, and intend to renew. Some feel that they "can't live without it".

One reader plans to renew because he’s sure Apple will continue to expand the service "in order to keep us interested".

iSync facilities and retrievable bookmarks are big winners with many readers: "It's as if my Mac goes everywhere with me, even when I'm using Windows," said one.

The benefits of webmail are also highlighted. One reader believes Webmail compares favourably to other Internet mail services: "I freelance from many different locations, so Webmail is perfect – much better than Hotmail."

Against But for others, Apple is offering little not offered by other ISPs – aside from iSync. One points out that his ISP offers plenty of Web space, as well as his own domain name. He says: "Apple would need to offer full hosting services and better Windows compatibility to get me to spend $99."

Of the 941 readers polled, 61 per cent currently subscribe to .Mac while 38 per cent do not. The slow roll-out of broadband is cited as being a key reason by many who have yet to subscribe: "It's fine if you live in London, not so great if ADSL hasn’t reached you yet," said one respondee.

Many readers admitted to being initially unimpressed by .Mac, only to be later won over.

Suggestions A number of readers suggest that additional services could be offered by .Mac to encourage more subscribers. One such suggestion is iChat facilitating free international phone calls for .Mac users, and Apple offering downloadable versions of OS X upgrades at a 30 per cent discount for .Mac members.