UK audio firm JoeMeek has released MicroMeek MQ1, an audio pre-amplifier for Power Macs.

The £120 device provides a single high-quality recording channel from the Mac. It fits into a 5.25-inch drive bay and is designed as an alternative to an external mixing desk.

It can generate full 48V phantom sound from the Mac's power supply – used to add audio authenticity to digitally recorded sound.

The MicroMeek MQ1 also offers an optical sound-compressor, audio-balance controls and a current-sensing microphone pre-amp. Other features include a graphic equalizer, gain controls, and adjustable attack and release times.

JoeMeek marketing director Danny Fletcher said: "Recently, our market has seen massive growth in the semi-professional sector with Mac/PC sound cards. This is now the most exciting area of our market, and the trend is definitely toward professional audio in the home."