Helios software distributor JPY is offering up to 13 per cent off prices in a new promotion available through Apple UK and its dealers.

The company is offering a range of pre-press software packages, with installation and one year's support in a bundle that also consists of Apple's entry-level Xserve.

A JPY representative confirmed that users can acquire an Xserve together with Helios EtherShare as a base package. They can then purchase either/both ImageServer and PDF HandShake. He said customers can expect a discount of 13 per cent on the base part of the components of the deal, which runs from January 2 2003 to 28 March.

The deal is expected to be of most value to small and medium-sized print and repro houses, ad agencies and graphic designers.

Helios has been building Unix-based solutions for a decade. The Helios Suite consists of EtherShare, PCShare, ImageServer, PDF Handshake and Print Preview. The suite covers the gamut of pre-press server options, including full file- and printer integration, and management across Mac and PC clients; server-based colour correction; image replacement; transformation and conversion; centralized PDF-file generation and print management, and full soft proofing support.

JPY managing director Dr John Yardley said: "It’s great that users can now choose Apple hardware to run a department server. The majority of workstations in the graphics market are Macs, and many users want the same excellent design and ease of use form a server."