Intel quad-core microprocessors that work at an energy efficient 50 watts per processor will officially be on the market from today, according to the company.

Apple already uses Intel's Xeon chip in its Mac Pro. The company may choose to move to the new energy efficient quad-core Xeon processor.

Each of the four cores in the new Xeon L5320 and L5310 will consume just 12.5 watts of electricity, according to Intel. The company claims the new Xeons use between 35 per cent and nearly 60 per cent less power than its existing 80-watt and 120-watt quad-core server products.

The L5320 operates at 1.86GHz and the L5310 at 1.60GHz. They both feature 8MB of on-die cache for faster memory data communication. In quantities of 1,000 units, the L5320 is priced at $519 and the L5310 at $455.

The new Xeons can be coupled with Intel's existing Bensley server platform, replacing existing dual-core or quad-core Intel processors.

Servers based on the new Xeons are expected to be available worldwide over the next few months from such server manufacturers as Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM and others.