QuarkXPress 6 will not run under Mac OS 9, the company has told Macworld.

Glen Turpin, Quark's communications manager, said: "On the Mac platform, XPress 6 requires Mac OS X 10.2."

The company announced some initial features of the application yesterday.

Quark said that it has reorganized some menus for easier use, and included "more useful" commands in the context menus to facilitate rapid work, while retaining the product's original interface.

The application will offer multiple undo and redos, with an expanded list of undo-able actions. The application also provides full-resolution previews of on-screen images, so that designers can scale and magnify images with minimal pixilation, and position page elements more precisely.

The company has also promised, "an intriguing new way to manage complex projects". Turpin told Macworld: "I'm still not permitted to talk about dates, but I have a lot more features to start talking about soon. This is just the tip of the iceberg."

Paid upgrade, except for specials Regarding cost, Quark revealed: "Members of ServicePlus will receive a free upgrade to XPress 6, as will some customers who received a special 'upgrade to 5, receive 6 free' offer, but otherwise QuarkXPress 6 will be a paid upgrade." Quark has not announced pricing yet.

The release of XPress 6 for X is recognized as the missing piece of the jigsaw in professional migration to Apple's new operating system.