A new research tool for Mac users - SmartDog 1.0 for Mac OS X and OS 8-9.x – has been released by EZPZapps.

SmartDog 1.0 is an application for notifying users when keywords and phrases show up on designated Web sites. Users can create groups of Web page URLs that are searched on a scheduled basis. When a search item is found, SmartDog alert the user.

It can also send emails containing the significant portion of the Web page, and send SMS messages through ICQ SMS email.
EZPZapps president Mr Sims said: "We use it to check Mac Web sites whenever we release a new application or update. SmartDog automatically saves a copy of the HTML with an article about our products."

There are other uses, Sims explained: "One researcher is using it to track whenever an article concerning Neolithic Mediterranean archaeology appears in online journals and in the press. It's a very useful tool."

SmartDog is available as a $29 download.