Activity in Apple's UK channel focuses on seminar events for Mac customers, takeovers and meetings for customers this week.

Rapid Group presents digital photography event

Advance information comes from the Rapid Group, which will be holding a major event in Bournmouth October 7. Rapid's Digital Photography and Print Workshop features speakers from Adobe and Apple, and takes place a few days after Adobe offers US audiences their first glance at new Photoshop technology at the PhotoshopWorld Conference.

The event will offer knowledge of the latest advances in image capture, digital workflow, colour laser and large format printing, the organizers promise. A complete design set-up will be available, featuring cameras, Macs and printers, so attendees can try different techniques and technologies.

Topics will include image capture, image manipulation in Photoshop, using Wacom tablets, colour calibration, tips on optimizing images and high quality printing and further details regarding the Adobe Design Collection.

To register call 0845 3301600, email Rapid or register online

AT Computer presents video seminar

AT Computers is offering a series of free half-day seminar exploring Apple's latest video editing solutions, including the Power Mac G5, Xserve and Xserve Raid, and Final Cut Pro 4.

Sessions run September 23 at the Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, beginning at 9:30 and 13:30.

Register online.

Square Group focus on video event

London's Square Group is offering a morning of demonstrations of Final Cut Pro 4, Combustion 2.1 and DVD Studio Pro 2 on September 3.

A number of special offers will be available at the event which takes place at Squares retail outlet at 78 New Oxford Street, London. To reserve a place call 0207 692 6810.

In related news and as reported earlier this week, Square Group has acquired all the assets of 4-Sight.

The Square Group will take on the technical support of 4-Sight products, offering a lifeline to that company's existing customers who would otherwise have been left stranded, as 4-Sight was scheduled to shut down September 12.

Macs are welcome in the valleys

The Cardiff Mac User Group has asked us to let readers know it meets in Cardiff's Model Inn on every second Tuesday of the month. Any local Mac users are encouraged to attend the meetings, which exist to help Mac users with their computer-related problems and offer a chance to get together, too.

The meetings gather local Macintosh users together to chat and socialise.

If you are an Apple reseller in the UK or Ireland and you have events, offers, seminars or other promotions you'd like to let Mac users know about, please drop a line to Macworld's news desk.