Apple may plan a colour-screen 60GB iPod, capable of representing images on its screen, a leading Mac rumour Web site reports.

Citing "sources" , Think Secret reports such a product may be unveiled within "30-60 days".

True or false, the report marries two popular rumours currently circulating. The first being that Apple will release a 60GB iPod that integrates Toshiba's new 60GB drive; the second claiming Apple may extend the product's photo storage features with a full-colour screen and the ability to render a photo on that screen.

It's claimed the new iPod will offer audio/video out abilities, so consumers can share their images with friends by plugging the device to a TV set.

Macworld can offer no additional substance to this story, beyond its report from Taiwan's Computex exhibition in June. Toshiba announced its 60GB 1.8-inch hard drive there. Toshiba Digital Media Network deputy manager, Cindy Lee told Martyn Williams that Apple had placed an order for the drive.

A month later, Apple vice president of hardware product marketing Greg Joswiak moved to dismiss that information, saying in July: "We have no plans with regard to announcing 60GB models."

Apple will not discuss rumour, and will not comment on this story.