ThinkSecret publisher Nicholas Ciarelli is being sued by Apple for publishing the company's secrets - and can't afford a lawyer.

Ciarelli is a 19-year old Harvard student, and his site correctly predicted the Macworld Expo San Francisco debut of the Mac mini and iPod shuffle. He had been informed of Apple's plans by "highly reliable" sources.

Apple is also attempting to sue Ciarelli's sources, and claims the publisher "solicited information about unreleased Apple products from these individuals, who violated their confidentiality agreements with Apple by providing details that were later posted on the Internet," according to CNN.

Speaking to the news network, Ciarelli claimed his writing to be protected under the First Amendment, but doesn't have the money to hire a lawyer to represent him. He is looking for free or low-cost legal assistance to help him fight the case.

Meanwhile, some Mac users have launched and signed a petition - the Save Think Secret's Nicholas Ciarelli petition - that asks Apple to withdraw its legal action and urges both parties to find another way to settle their differences.