Smile's online-banking service is nearing 100 per cent Mac compatibility, according to a company spokesman.

Dave Smith, Smile's public relations manager, said: "There have been some improvements to the site. We have been discussing supporting the Mac platform, but the service won't be totally Mac compatible before the end of the year."

A relaunch of Smile on May 15 resolved some of the issues that had prevented Macintosh users accessing the service.

Learning the script Prior to the revamp, the site was written in Java Applets. It is now programmed using Java Scripting, which supports some features of the Mac platform.

However, the service is not perfect. There are problems opening dropdown menus with a mouse, though tabbing across the screen may resolve this, according to a technical source. Difficulties filling in the online application-form have also been reported.

Adam Cooper, a Birmingham University researcher who recently signed-up, said: "It is a really good Internet bank, and its service is slicker and safer than ever.

"Prior to the new set up, it was impossible to log on using a Mac. Logging in via Windows I noticed the interface had changed, so I thought maybe, just maybe, it was now Mac-compatible.

"They didn't mail me to let me know, even though I had emailed them saying I was annoyed at their Windows only approach. When I tried it with my Mac, it worked a treat – except some drop down menus don't function."