IT infrastructure and network knowledge website Techworld has published a positive piece in praise of using Mac OS as part of a server infrastructure in corporate organizations.

The report takes a close look at Apple's history in this market, but looking at what the company offers today it cedes: "The Mac is a serious option in the server market."

Though critical of the number of corporate software packages available for the Mac, Techworld says: "With the introduction of Mac OS X, though, there is a reasonable chance that the commercial server application providers will wake up to the idea that they have a platform that is suited to being a server and which is supported properly by its makers."

It predicts that " the Mac OS will become more and more popular as a server operating system.

"It does as much server-side stuff out of the box (and therefore in a form that Apple will support if it breaks) as the majority of customers require. While we wait for the commercial applications, there are sufficient open-source offerings to fill the gap. There can be no doubt: Mac OS is a serious corporate operating system," it concludes.