Sun Microsystems has leaked a potential release date for StarOffice for the Mac.

In an interview with Sun officials by Macuariam, a mainly Spanish-language Macintosh Web site, Sun officials said they expect a Mac version of StarOffice to be available by summer, 2001 – perhaps as early as June.

StarOffice is currently available for a variety of Windows operating systems, some versions of Unix and the Linux OS. It is an office productivity suite containing a word processor, spreadsheet and illustration application, personal information manager, presentation software, database application, mail and news client and several more helpful utilities.

The suite is distributed free in a direct attempt (by Sun) to cut Microsoft's dominance of the office environment. The Macuariam report concludes with a statement from Sun official, Mr Roth, who said: "We believe that StarOffice will do for productivity what Linux did for operating systems." Over 4 million installations of StarOffice for non-Mac operating systems have already taken place.

If the report is true, the Mac version will debut at version 5.2, and will be carbonized to make best use of Mac OS X.