Apple's subscriber-only UK .Mac page reveals Apple now boasts over half a million subscribers.

The figure remains dwarfed by adoption of the previously-free iTools service. Writing in October 2002, The Seattle Times claimed Apple to have 2.2 million iTools subscribers (though many of these were individual users owning multiple accounts).

Apple elected to transform iTools into the fee-based .Mac service in 2002. The company reported 100,000 users to have signed up to the new service at that time.

.Mac costs £69 per year and offers Mail, HomePage hosting, iDisk, Virex antivirus software, Backup and a variety of useful features and occasional free software packages.

Most recently, Apple introduced a series of enhancements to the service, including new HomePage templates, new download pages, new iCards, and the capacity to build and edit .Mac Web sites using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6.