The UK's first unofficial Switch 2004 Web site 'Switch 2004' campaign has officially begun.

Organized by Mac activist Seb Payne, the campaign Web site is now fully operational. It offers free downloadable posters, an information pack for Windows users considering switching to the Mac, and a selection of stories from UK Mac users who have made such a step.

As an independent, non-Apple-approved campaign, Payne has been asked to remove the Apple logo from the site, so Switch UK 2004 is using a Newton Trademark instead.

Announcing the launch, Payne said: "Calling all Mac users. Your time is Now. If you want to support your platform, visit the campaign Web site and download the free posters and spread them around: Friends, family, colleagues, local businesses, shops, showrooms. For the cost of a few pence, spread the name of Switch 2004 around."