MediaCentral developer equinux, has launched its low-cost DVB-T television tuner for Macs, TubeStick.

As announced, this device costs just €39,95 (including VAT), though final UK pricing hasn't yet been confirmed.

The device connects to a USB port and ships with the company's EyeTV-equivalent software, 'The Tube'. The TV tuner has been built to work seamlessly with equinux' other product, the hugely popular MediaCentral.

"For our product launch, we are also bundling TubeStick with MediaCentral, for free," said Till Schadde, equinux CEO.

The DVB-T standard is available in most European countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, France and the UK. 

Controllable using an Apple Remote, TubeStick lets users store tuning information for multiple locations, these locations can be exported and transferred to other Macs.

The software lets users watch TV in a window on their Macs, supports window resizing and allows for the recording of live TV. Recordings can be exported to an iPod from within the application.

Additional features include Dolby Digital Surround Sound playback of DVDs; easy access to pictures, web galleries, .Mac-photocasts and flickr. albums; and Skype integration for phone calls.