estlake Interactive will cease to update the Mac version of the popular Unreal game, the company has announced.

Unreal is a legend among PC gamers, and free updates to the Macintosh version have been provided to keep it up to date with the PC version.

Westlake Interactive was contracted to maintain the updates to the coding. Some of the changes to the PC software meant that the original Macintosh version was almost entirely re-written since version 1.0. But, after each revision, a new PC version came out - meaning a major overhaul of the Mac programme.

Version 224b7 of Unreal will be the final version for the Mac. A number of third-party PC maps only work with the 225 PC version, but Westlake have been unable to make that update having never received the code. Unreal for the Mac is still supported by MacSoft, and they will continue to offer technical support for anyone who has questions, or problems, with the game.

Work does continue on Unreal Tournament Mac, which is set to be released within a month of the PC version. Westlake state: "With the co-operation of Epic - the original PC developer - we hope that Unreal Tournament Mac will require few if any updates when it ships."

Westlake added: "We hope our decision to suspend maintenance on Unreal Mac and concentrate on bringing great new games to the Mac will be understood by Mac gamers, and they will continue to enjoy Westlake products."