A new era of 3G connectivity is slowly emerging for Mac users.

UK firm filetransfer.co.uk has reached an agreement with German firm nova media to distribute mobile communications wizard software that makes it much easier to "facilitate 3G connectivity" for Mac OS X users.

The software, Mobile High Speed for Mac OS X, can be used to automatically configure a Mac for UMTS/3G and GPRS connections, eliminating the need to search for modem scripts.

It works with any network, including Vodafone and Orange 3G PCMCIA data cards. It is also compatible with 3G mobiles from Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson as well as many PC card modems.

“There is currently limited mobile 3G data services for Apple Macintosh users across any network and GPRS is only available via bluetooth mobile phones,” comments Darren King of filetransfer.co.uk.

“The solution from nova media is tried and tested, so we are delighted the become the UK distributor. We are hoping to announce some significant product bundles in the near future,” he promised.

Prices start at £39.95 (excluding VAT).