Telestream. has released Windows Media 9 series encoding support for Mac OS X, Flip4Mac.

In practice, this means Mac users can export Windows Media 9 files directly from within any QuickTime-based application in standard and high definition using Windows Media in either stereo or 5.1. Supported QuickTime-based applications, include Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and QuickTime Player.

Mac users have needed to export media files to PCs in order to encode them into Windows Media. More information on the product is available here.

The software can export in Windows Media 7, 8, or 9. It also allows Mac users to import Windows Media files to edit or play back in QuickTime. The standard version of the software supports standard-definition resolutions, and a pro HD version adds support for high definition, two-pass encoding and 5.1 channel audio.

"We're excited to bring to market a product which will be an important tool for the universe of content creators using the Mac. This new support offering for Windows Media on the Mac provides Telestream with an entry point into this important community," said Dan Castles, president and CEO of Telestream.

"Windows Media 9 is increasingly being requested as the transport format of choice by broadcasters and others. Our support for Windows Media on the Mac is a key step in our quest to enable universal media access for more users and platforms."

The software will be released in the "fourth quarter" with prices beginning at under $100.